The Problem

Rampant, inconsiderate littering of recyclable plastics render them useless

The Outcome

Thus heaps of recyclable plastic waste stacks up in landfills and drains which inturn can be turned into wealth

The Solution

Our machine can convert these plastic products into valuable pyrolysis oil


The End product

Valuable Pyrolysis oil --
A viable substitute for LDO/furnace oils

What do we do?

Our technology helps you to Pyrolise waste plastics into fuel. This is a commercially viable and highly profitable business processing 5 tons of plastic waste per day.
We can pyrolise almost all types of plastics and convert them into Pyrolysis oil.

We offer Continuous Feeding Type Pyrolysis

Plant Of 5 tons per day capacity

Our plant can process paper mill plastic waste.

Contact us today to turn your plastic waste into wealth

It's not yours or mine, It's Ours.
So protect your Mother Earth
who nourishes you unconditionally

We know about your hectic schedule but still take a moment to help save the planet.

Let's hold down the fort for our children

Being in and around the world, we discovered the dreaded need of the hour to reduce and recycle plastics. With our expertise in the world of plastics we have developed our technologies to make an almost self sustaining machine to make wealth from what one might have regarded as plastic waste all his life. 

Serving the Plastic Industry for 25+ years

Mr. Nitin Gore, the promoter of Gore Pyrolysis, has done his B.E. Mechanical engineering from College Of Engineering, Pune (C.O.E.P. Pune) in the year 1987. He started a plastic blow moulding unit at Jejuri, MIDC near Pune. The unit today enjoys patronage of a number of reputed customers in and around Pune. Due to his association as Secretary and later as Chairman of the Environment committee of Association Of Promotion Of Plastics, he was introduced to environmental aspects of plastics processing and has been working on different solutions since then. 



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